Fertile Ground is mobilizing the energy and vitality of youth to help address South Africa’s HIV/AIDS epidemic and health challenges by creating supportive community environments where children can thrive.

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The interview with Andile by Cheryl Jennings was shot at one of our camps
by Faheema Hendricks and edited by William Hirtle.
The Muisic is "Walk Free" by The Aaron MacDonald Band.

Youth making a difference_______

Siya Baleni
“Together we stand, divided we fall”

Siya was born in the Eastern Cape in a village called Dimbaza.  In 1991, after completing his lower grades of education he moved out and completed his middle grades and high school education in Cape Town.



Shiraaz Ismail
“Do the best that you can, look back at what you did and then do better"

Shiraaz is a sound engineer, radio producer - presenter and part of the logistics team with Bush Community radio in Cape Town. As an intern he produces and presents the breakfast show, records and edits interviews, compiles playlists and trains new interns and volunteers, all while ensuring a quality radio broadcast.

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Sibu Zulu

Sibu is an HIV activist and a Postgraduate student at the University of Cape Town pursuing Disability Studies. Her educational background in Youth Development and psychology as well as her current educational path make her a perfect fit to Fertile Grounds mission and mandate.




 Siya at a camp


Shiraaz at a camp


 Sibu in a group activity

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